AARW Grill Off Application 2018
The Grill Off is on Saturday, 8/4!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GRILL-OFF SPECIFICS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


There will be four competition categories:
1) Grilled Meats
2) Grilled Vegetables
3) Potluck Dish
4) Dessert

- Each team can enter into one or multiple categories.

- For the potluck dish and dessert categories, teams must bring their own dishes. No cooking on site.

- For the grilling categories, please arrive at *2:30 PM*

(People are more than welcome to bring "non-competition food" as well to contribute to the community potluck!)


- For grilling categories, each team will work on one small, picnic-sized, charcoal grill (approx. 2 ft x 1 ft). We can bring some grills, but indicate below if you can bring your own charcoal grill. (It would help us out!)

- Competitors can enter as an individual or a team, teams can consist of up to three people (limited cooking area)

- Each team is responsible for RECRUITING a minimum of four (4) paying attendees

- Teams are responsible for bringing their own groceries and cooking utensils (please see list below for items that will be provided)

- For grilling categories, some prep before the event is okay, but not cooking. Example: Marinating ahead of time – YES!; slow-cooking ahead of time – NO!

- For each food item, provide enough bite-sized portions to feed between 50-75 attendees (more food = more opportunities for attendees to taste your food and vote!)


The following items will be provided: charcoal, lighters, foil pans for cooked food, aluminum foil, serving utensils, eating utensils and dishware, trash bags, and basic condiments. Additional refreshments, snacks, and other foods will be prepared for those in attendance

Names of Team Members (1-3) *
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Name of Group/Organization Your Team will be representing
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Team Name (if applicable)
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Which category(ies) will you be entering? *
Menu and List of Ingredients *
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Will your dish be vegan? *
Do you have a charcoal grill? (You do not need one to participate--just gauging how many we need to bring) *
Can you bring a folding table? (We need as many as possible!) *
We are able to provide a partial reimbursement of up to $40 per team. What amount would help ensure your team can participate? *
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Anything else? Comments/questions/concerns?
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Thank you! Feel free to reach out with questions!
Olivia Nichols & Jules Yun
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