Distance Learning Survey - May 2020
Please complete this survey to help guide Underhill School and the district. The Hooksett School District will use this information to assist in future planning. Your input matters!
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In an effort to help us gauge the amount of parent support your child has at home, please indicate your current situation with regards to work.
Please characterize your child's experience of distance learning so far.
Not very good
Very smooth
How capable has your child been in his/her capability to complete the work assigned thus far?
My child has been overwhelmed with the amount of content/assignments.
My child has been able to complete most or all of the assignments.
Please indicate the average amount of time per day your child is spending on schoolwork.
How is the volume of work for your child? Too little, too much, etc.
Too little work
Too much work
The teachers' on-demand videos on the Distance Learning site worked well for my child.
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The social Zoom sessions hosted by my child's teacher was beneficial for my child.
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What were challenges for you and your child in this transition to distance learning? (Check all that apply)
How is your child connecting with their UA or "specials" assignments? Is there anything you feel we should know?
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What would help your child and or your family during this time? In other words, is there anything your teacher can do or the school can do differently?
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Is there something that your child's teacher or the school is doing that is particularly helpful or supportive?
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We appreciate your feedback!
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