2018 JCI IKEJA Students' Innovative & Creativity Award Nominations Form
The Junior Chamber International Ikeja Innovation Award is an award set to commend outstanding students from all over the nation. This year's competition is the pioneer. Following JCI Ikeja trailblazing mission of value creation through innovation, our award aims to recognise your innovative thinking and pioneering solutions.

The Award rewards Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship across the student community recognizing the central role they play in the development of a competitive and sustainable creative economy.

Categories include
1.Visual Arts (Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Antique)
2. Performing Arts (Live Music, Dance, Theatre, Dj)
3. Comedy (Stand Up Comedy, Tv Comedy Shows, Comedy Films)
4. Music (Record Label, Production Houses, Artiste Management, Marketers)
5. Film (Production Houses, Producers, Marketers)
6. Publishing (Books, Newspapers, Magazines, Journals)
7. Audio Visual (Television, Radio)
8. Creative Service (Architecture, Advertising)
9. Tech Businesses
10. Fashion

How to apply:


Entrepreneurial Ability
Service to humanity


to sensitise the Nigerian populace to the potential that abound in young individual, while showcasing and rewarding those that have taken the bull by the horn.
to better understand the dynamics of being an entrepreneur.
to better understand the dynamics of selfless service

To apply for the award, nominee must:

Be not be less than 18yrs old
Already running their business in an innovative way within the last 2 years.
Be entrepreneurial and have shown their ability and innovative approach to the development of the sector
Through their character, drive and abilities demonstrate their potential to be a leader.

What the judges would be looking for:

1. Entrepreneurial ability

Passion: Although not primarily creative talent yourself, you are the mediator that bring these products to the market and as such are able to respect, understand and manage creativity.

Originality of ideas: Your ideas are unique and you have the flexibility to develop these in a commercial context

Risk taking: You have the ability to assess, enjoy and face risks, with the skills and initiative to successfully drive these ideas forward

Corporate skills: Your business acumen, commercial awareness and managerial ability has led to the end product of articulating a clear business vision and strategy

Interpersonal skills: You are able to sell an idea, negotiate and network

2. Leadership

Leadership skills: Your vision is to combine creative and entrepreneurial skills to be a leader in your national creative community.

Self confidence: You possess the focus and ambition to support your original ideas

Agent of change: You are able to make a difference – not merely successful in business terms but to also be able to intervene in the domestic market to impact positively on its infrastructure.

Emergent leadership or leadership potential: You are able to act as an ‘ambassador’ for development of your sector

3. Service to Humanity

Understanding of your community: You are able to spot gaps within it and exploit these opportunities into real solutions

Community awareness: Your knowledge of the community situation and your role within this to make sure the sustainable development goal is achievable in your community

Community outlook: Your will and ability to develop a mutually beneficial culture of personal and professional engagement, collaboration and partnership with the community.


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