Save Baylor Traditions
We are concerned about a petition that is circulating which implores Baylor University to abandon its traditions and charter Sexual Identity Forum (SIF). Please read this letter and sign to support our efforts to save Baylor's traditional values.

TO SIGN: Scroll to the end of this document, add your name, and press the blue 'Submit' button.

TO SIGN ANONYMOUSLY: Email your name and affiliation to Baylor to

This is intended for faculty, staff, regents, or others who fear retaliation if they publicly signed their name to this petition. Your name will be kept anonymous, but will be counted among the signatories.
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Please add your name and graduation year, or your affiliation to Baylor (e.g., John Smith, '97 or Dr. Jane Doe, Professor). To sign anonymously, email Your name will be kept anonymous, but you will be counted among the signatures.
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