AEBS Academy Camp Taiwan
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Dates and Location

Boston Harvard campus: TBD
Includes all three programs with additional campus tour and opportunities to interact with Harvard students while also spending 5 days in New York City to visit local attractions such as the statue of liberty & the charging bull on Wall street.
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Leadership program: 7/20-22
Public speaking program: 7/22-24
Debating program: 7/26-28

Public speaking program: 8/18-20
Leadership program: 8/20-22
Debating program: 8/23-25

Program Fee

Registration Fee:4,000​ NTD
Program Fee:20,000​ NTD

Registration Fee:20,000​ JPY
Program Fee:80,000​ JPY

1 program: NTD 4,000+20,000 or JPY 20,000+80,000
2 program: NTD 4,000+38,000 or JPY 20,000+150,000
3 program: NTD 4,000+56,000 or JPY 20,000+220,000

Upon successful registration, we will notify the participants with additional program information.
If you've signed up and not received notice from us, please contact us through email.
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