Deadbeat vs. Deadbroke
Chapter 1: Why You Need This Book
Establishing Your Child Support Order
The Importance of Paternity Testing
When A Minor Becomes A Parent (and Grandparents Become Parents)
Modification of Your Child Support Order
Finding, Hiring and Firing Your Attorney
Finding a Free Attorney
Locating the Non-Custodial Parent
Locating Assets
Enforcing Your Child Support Order
What the Courts Can Do
What the Government Can Do For You
TANF and Child Support
Interstate Child Support Collection
Collecting from the Self-Employed, Quasi-employed, cash-only employed, street-hustlers, business owners, (both real and shell companies) and others who try to go underground.
Collecting from Military Employees
Collecting Internationally
Collecting from a Federal Employee
When an Obligor files for Bankruptcy
Effective Complaining to the CSE Agency
State Child Support Enforcement Office Listing
Military Locator Service Listing and Tips
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