Wilmington University Cyberwildcats Club Application
Please complete this form if you are interested in joining the Wilmington University Cyberwildcats. Only current students and alumni of Wilmington University are eligible. Individuals who are not a part of the University may be sponsored by Wilmington University students, alumni, or professors to join the Cyberwildcats Associates.

If you are applying as an Associate, please be sure to fill in the fields relating to referrals at the bottom of this form.
Your Wilmington University Information
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Non-Wilmington University Email
We strongly recommend you give a non-WilmU email address for use in Slack, etc. The Cyberwildcats club has a liberal open-door policy for alumni who wish to continue to participate, but after you graduate, your WilmU email address is decommissioned.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that you provide a non-University Gmail account. The Cyberwildcats makes extensive use of Google Drive. Due to peculiarities in the way the University sets up students' email accounts, it is not possible to give access to the Google Drive using a University email account.
Other Email Address (recommended)
Cyberwildcats Associates Sponsorship Information
If you are not currently a student of Wilmington University, you must be sponsored by someone who is. Please fill out the following fields if you are applying to join as an Associate.

If you are currently a student or faculty of Wilmington University, you can disregard the fields below.
Sponsor's Name
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