NavalClash Moderator Application
Moderators are the backbone of NavalClash. When a new player joins, (notice how I said "new player", not noob?) ,mods are the very first thing that they experience on the server. Moderators, like all staff, are expected to be professional, calm, and informative at all times. Toxic behavior or not conforming to the staff standards WILL result in an immediate demotion.

Unlike the past, Moderators are now expected to be multipurpose. You will be expected to regularly help players with worldedit in the shipyard, scheming and pasting ships. You will be expected to offer help to ANY player who asks it at any time. You are also expected to offer to teach all new players the basics of the server. We are looking for people who will go above and beyond! Docks need cleaning? We expect you to get your cleanup kit and start cleaning! You will be in constant communication with the upper staff ingame and on discord. Your conduct must always be sublime.

Think you have the knowledge and experience to become forever remembered as part of this elite staff team? Let's find out. Do NOT talk about any of the answers to these questions.

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