AppWorks Accelerator #23 Application
———————————— AppWorks #23 Timeline ——————————————————

⦿ Accepting Applications (Taipei Time):
First round: Now to Jun 16, 2021 11:59pm.
Final round: Jun 17, 2021 to Jul 21, 2021 11:59pm.

⦿ Interview Invitations & Admissions Offers: we will email you on a rolling basis

⦿ AppWorks #23 Official Kick-off: September 2021


Dear Founder,

Welcome! This application is your first step toward joining AppWorks, the renowned 6-month free accelerator program in Taipei, Taiwan, now with a network of 395 active startups and 1,331 founders, one of the largest and strongest founder communities in the world.

I want you to know your application will be reviewed carefully, by all of our Partners, Associates, Analysts, Fellows, and Masters. From there, founders & startups that seem most promising will be invited to come in / zoom in for an interview.  Then, based on what we learn during the interviews, we will decide which teams to invite to AW#23.

A few friendly reminders: 1) we get a ton of applications so keeping your answers concise is the best strategy; 2) browser crash happens so remember to back up your answers along the way.

Good luck. We look forward to reading your story and meeting you in person / online.

Yours Truly,

Alyssa Chen
Head of AppWorks Accelerator

More details on AppWorks: | Questions:

*When submitting an application, if you receive an error message saying "Your response exceeds the limit. Try shortening some of your answers." Try shortening some of your long form answers, as Google forms does have an overall character limit. Also, if you're copying and pasting from another program, try pasting in a plain text format. If all else fails, contact us at
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1. The Basics
1-1. We are a startup working on / in *
1-2. Any AppWorks startup founder(s) would vouch for you?
1-3. Company / Team Name *
1-4. Company / Team Main URL
1-5. Main Contact's Name *
1-6. Main Contact's Mobile # *
(e.g. +886-922-333-444)
1-7. For *each* founder and co-founder, please provide his/her: 1) English/Chinese names; 2) age;  3) current employer and title; 4) previous employers and titles; 5) school name & year for *all* degrees; 6) high school name and year; 7) main email address; 8) current city; 9) online presence (FB/LinkedIn/GitHub/blog... etc. URLs) *
***EXTREMELY IMPORTANT*** Please be as thorough as you can. Your entire application may be skipped if information provided here is incomplete.
1-8. Who is the "CEO" at your startup? Why her/him? *
1-9. 1-minute CEO self-intro video *
Please provide the URL to a self-intro video by the CEO.
1-10. How did the founding members meet? In what capacity have you worked with each other previously? How long have you been working together on this startup? *
Skip the first 2 parts if you're a 1-person team.
2. Product & Market
2-1. Please provide your startup's product & social media URLs. (include past products if there is any)
2-2. Who are your target users/customers? What problems do you solve for them? How did you find out about the problems? *
2-3. Please describe your product and its key features. How do these features solve your users' problems better than alternatives? *
2-3-1. (Required for Blockchain startups) Why does blockchain / crypto solve the problems you're targeting better than a centralized database, PaaS and/or other existing platforms?
2-3-2. (Required for AI startups) Why does machine learning / deep learning solve the problems you're targeting better than a rule-based algorithm?
2-4. When did you (do you plan to) launch your product? What are the key growth metrics that you track (/plan to track)? Can you show us your traction and prove that your product does solve the problems? *
2-5. Please briefly describe your market, its size, dynamics, and your go-to-market strategy. Why is the market attractive?
2-6. Who are your current and potential competitors? Who is the strongest?  How do you plan to beat them?
2-7. What do you know about this opportunity (business) that others just don't get?
3. Commitment
3-1. Why do a startup?  Why now?  What are your short-term and long-term goals? *
3-2. How much money have the co-founders put into this startup?  What is the % of the company (/token) each co-founder owns? *
3-3. How much time do you give yourself for your current startup? What would you do if it doesn't work out? *
3-4. Why AppWorks? How can we help you achieve your goals? *
3-5. (If COVID-19 situation improves) how many of you plan to physically be in Taipei during AW#23? *
3-6. Please check if following statements apply to your team:
(Will not affect your candidacy. But we might contact you for more details.)
3-7. Incorporated? Please provide information.
3-8. Have you raised (equity / convertible / coin / token rounds) from investors? Please share the details.
3-9. Your current monthly cash flow?  How much runway do you have?
3-10. Any plans to raise money in the 12 months? How much do you plan to raise? What is the use of proceeds?
3-11. Anything else we should know?
(If you are an alumni or have applied to AppWorks Accelerator before, please remind us here.)
4. Bonus Questions
4-1. 1) ETH vs. FLOW; 2) BTC vs. ETH; 3) Tesla vs. Toyota; 4) Google Nest vs. Echo vs. HomePod; 5) Grab vs. Gojek; 6) Lazada vs. Shopee
5 years from now, which will be more dominant? And, more importantly, what is your reasoning? (Feel free to pick one or more pairs.)
4-2. Is there an AppWorks founder / startup / mentor that you really admire? Why?
4-3. Is there a product you built prior to this startup that you are quite proud of? Tell us the story & provide URLs if there's any.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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