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Tell Us About Your Plans for the Production
Present your plans and vision for the production by answering as many of the following questions as possible.
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Please list any other key personnel already attached to the project (producer, director, stage manager, designers, choreographer, composer, etc...)? *
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Each production requires a Shunya Board Member to act as a sponsor. Do you already have one? Or do you have someone in mind that you would like to request? *
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Are there any elements to the production that are different from a typical Shunya play? Please explain how these differences serve the production. (For example, a new venue, a different number of productions, a unique marketing plan, significantly higher or lower budget, closed auditions, etc…): *
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What risks and challenges do you foresee with this production? Is there any specific support from the Board that would help minimize risks or challenges? *
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Do you have an idea or preference of when you would want to put on the production? When? *
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If a director is already attached, please tell us about the director's vision for the production (feel free to submit supporting images, drawings, music, etc.): *
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Submit the Play and Additional Supporting Materials
Please email a copy of the play as a PDF file after submitting this form to

If you have any additional materials (budget, resume/bios of the key personnel attached, images that support the vision, etc.) please also submit them.

All materials do not need to be submitted initially. However, if the Board becomes interested in a production, a budget and bios/resumes for any key personnel who have not previously worked with Shunya will be required before final approval.

The Board of Directors will approve or reject the proposal with suggestions based on these criteria:
The artistic merit of the proposed play and the director’s vision for the play.
How this proposal supports Shunya and Shunya’s mission.
The qualifications of the proposed team.
How the proposal fits in with Shunyi’s calendar and other activities.
The Board’s confidence in the feasibility and potential creative and financial success of the production.

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