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Thank you for expressing your interest in joining our community! Seek to Speak is a public speaking podcast, club, and blog which aims to empower people to express themselves through speech. We are currently a team of two but would like to expand in order to impact more people! If you believe in our message and goal, be sure to join us! We would love to create a community of like-minded people who love collaborating with each other to pursue a shared mission! With your help, we can produce more audience-driven, narrative-style podcast episodes! With more people involved, we can diversify Women with Words' collaborations and reach more women & girls. We also need your input to better strategize, produce, and design public speaking content!

What you will get in return is a supportive and safe space to express and explore your ideas, as well as training in podcasting, communication skills, & content creation! You will also gain new connections, networks, and of course, friends! :D

To join us, simply register your interest in this form! We can't wait to hear from you!

THE OBJECTIVES of the Seek to Speak Society are the following:
- To create a community that encourages and empowers people to express themselves through speech
- To build our community's capacity to speak and provide them with tools to better express themselves
- To create safe spaces to empower discourse and free speech among youths and women
- To promote and protect the right to free speech and freedom of expression

FUTURE PLANS for the society include:

1) SEEK TO SPEAK PODCAST | Interview Guests, Speaking Snacks & Specials
- Produce themed discourse and discussion-related specials with a panel of speakers (Quiz-series)
- Produce themed non-fictional narrative specials showcasing Malaysian stories on different issues (Docu-series)
- Produce member-related specials where members conceptualise episodes and share their own experiences
- Empower members to create their own podcast shows or episodes

2) FEMALE SPEAKING CLUB | Women with Words
- Empower members to host their own Women with Words meetings once a month
- Create a speaking club guide for members to use as well as build their own network of female speaking clubs
- Carry out live Women with Words meetings as well as in-person sessions
- Collaborate with other NGOs for future meetings to raise awareness on important issues

3) CONTENT STRATEGY | Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & Blog
- To provide more speaking tips and tricks online
- To share members’ speaking stories and experiences
- To share listicles on best speeches on different topics
- To publish bite-sized information regarding the right to free speech and expression
- To comment and analyse current issues regarding free speech and expression

3) POTENTIAL EVENTS | Monthly Live Sessions, Webinars, Panel Discussions
- To hold future IG/FB Live speech sessions inviting people to participate and share their views
- To organise public speaking-related events or workshops to empower more people to speak
- To organise potential panel discussions with industry leaders or thought experts

Please keep in mind that these plans are subject to our members' availability and interest. You will not be asked to do everything and anything! Your participation and involvement will be catered to your time as well as passion! However, these are our likely plans for the future and we would like you to be informed on what you will be expecting from joining our community!

STILL UNDECIDED and need more information? Check out:
- Seek to Speak's Podcast:
- Women With Words FB Group:
- Past Meeting Speeches and Guests:
- Public Speaking Resources:

EXCITED TO JOIN US? Simply fill up the form below and we will be sure to contact you on how we can work together! :D

***Your information will be kept confidential in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
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