Crestview Baptist Church Youth Permission Slip 2021
This is the permission slip for students to be able to attend youth activities on and off campus here at the church. Please read this slip carefully, fill out completely and sign. Students must have a permission slip to attend youth activities. If you have one or more teenagers first off, we are praying for you, and second you may put all their information on this 1 form. Thank you.
Students Name *
Phone Number (To get ahold of the student) *
Address *
Birthday and Grade *
Please Ready carefully and digitally sign in the next question.
I__________________ as parent/guardian of the above-named child/children give him/her permission to participate in activities of Crestview Baptist Church youth group. (Revolution Student Ministries). This includes events at church or outside of church. I give permission for use of private or public transportation deemed necessary by the persons in charge of the youth group for travel to and from Youth Activities. I release the church and its representatives from and liability in the event of an accident enroute, during, or returning from an activity. I also authorize them to obtain any emergency medical attention that may be required during my child’s attendance.
Sign your name and Date *
I give Crestview Baptist Church permission to use pictures/videos from events and activities that may contain images of my student on the churches social media and website accounts. *
Are there any specific or special medical needs that we should be aware of for your child? Please list them below with any information that could be helpful for us to know. *
Are there any questions about this form or anything youth related that you would like us to answer for you?
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