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Welcome to Kopf Consulting. We are so sorry we do not have room for you at this time; however, as work begins to regulate with new clients - we may open a spot or two in the near future.

Please feel free to complete the information below. We do not have an estimated wait time; however, we will reach out as soon as a spot becomes available within your requested service level.

We always offer any available spots to you first before we announce them publicly.

Looking forward to working with you soon!

***Please note - any information collected on this page is specifically for direct contact about services. By entering your information, you are giving Kopf Consulting permission to follow-up when a spot becomes available. We do not utilize your information for marketing of any kind nor is it sold, distributed, or shared with third parties***
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At this time, we only offer Pay As You Go to new clients. Retainer client positions are invitation only and are only offered after a client has been with Kopf Consulting for a substantial amount of time.
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