MiddCORE Post-Assessment | Winter 2015
To help us assess the value of this program we are asking students to complete this post-assessment. The data that we get from this survey allows us to show the value of MiddCORE, and so we really appreciate the time that you put into this assessment.
Did this program meet your expectations? *
Please explain why this program did or did not meet your expectations. *
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How will MiddCORE affect your remaining college experience or the next stage of your life? *
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What was the most rewarding part of MiddCORE for you? Why? *
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Do you have any suggestions on how to improve MiddCORE? *
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How confident are you in the following capacities? *
these are the same categories that we asked you about in the pre-assessment that you filled out before you started MiddCORE
1 - Low Confidence
3 - Neutral
5 - High Confidence
Leading a team
Collaborating with others 
Thinking strategically
Developing multiple approaches to problem-solving
Navigating or managing ambiguous/evolving situations
Identifying potential opportunities
Taking risks in new situations
Speaking clearly and persuasively
Listening openly and effectively
Telling a compelling story
Giving and receiving feedback
Understanding the strengths of others
Understanding the weaknesses of others
Understanding the perspectives of others
Engaging in activities even though you may not succeed
Communicating effectively with others
Understanding the tools of financial decision-making
Managing a crisis or high risk situation
Negotiating an agreement between two or more parties
Developing a communications or media strategy 
Breaking down a problem to generate solutions
Aesthetic design and visual communication
Analyzing a team’s effectiveness
Making connections with others/networking
Developing a set of core values that guide decision-making
Collecting market data
Designing a business model and testing its feasibility
Building consensus in a group/collaborative problem solving
Working outside of boundaries
Synthesizing multiple ideas or perspectives
Empathy towards others/relating towards others
Resourcefulness in gathering difficult to obtain information
Personal and professional goal-setting
Learning from failure
What was your idea for the Innovation Challenge? *
BRIEFLY describe your idea in 1 or 2 sentences
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Please tell us which category your innovation idea best fits into: *
We realize that these categories are very generic, but please choose the one that fits the best
Who was your MiddCORE faculty facilitator? *
What did your faculty facilitator do well and what could he/she do better? *
Your answer
Please nominate a Middlebury faulty member (or a few of them) who you think would be a good MiddCORE faculty leader. *
Now that you've seen what MiddCORE entails, we'd love to know who you think would be a good MiddCORE faculty member for future MiddCORE classes
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Please nominate at least five of your friends who you think should do MiddCORE. (They can be a Middkid or a student at any college in the US) *
Please provide their full name and email address
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Your first name: *
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Your last name: *
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