Calton Cases 2021 New Product Development Survey
In the "downtime” of 2020, we have taken the time to get a new website up, began to enlist “Artist Endorsers”, and have made efforts to build our social media presence. We have been talking through some new developments for 2021 and would love to involve you, our community, in some direction for next year! If you could take the time to give us this super quick feedback, we will send you a sticker pack featuring some of our favorite social media art! :)
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Would you be interested in a rectangular double mandolin case at $850-$1000? Which of the following best describes your level of interest: *
We are considering offering a Calton Case in the $700-800 range for specific models like Dreadnoughts, Telecasters, Les Pauls, etc. The exterior would be exactly the same, but the interior would include some injection molded soft foam parts. This would differ slightly from our current custom-built process, in which every part of the interior is made-to-order and per the instrument’s specific dimensions. We would be able to offer this at slightly reduced pricing, only on popular models, and in limited color combinations. Which of the following best describes your level of interest: *
Based on past experimentation and interest, we are considering offering guitar amps in our custom fiberglass shells at a price range of $850-$1000. The benefit of this is the ability to match your gear’s look to your specific branding needs, as you can choose the colors of the amp just like with your instrument’s case. *
Would you be interested in a high-quality Calton rectangular gear-box with a rugged rubberized interior finish at $500-$750? Our typical custom-fit velvet interior would be an upgrade. *
Would you be interested in a rectangular guitar case with our normal custom fit interior, at a price range of $1300-$1500? *
Vinyl Wrap Exterior sample
Would you be interested in a custom Vinyl Wrap Exterior option for any newly purchased cases (you provide imagery or select from our options) at a $300 additional cost? *
Would you be interested in a Calton soft gig bag for $250-350? *
What was the most appealing factor in your decision to buy a Calton Case, or if you intend to buy at some point? *
Any other feedback for us- we'd love to hear your thoughts! *
Please provide your mailing address for your stickers pack! *
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