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For the first half of Beginning Band, the students will only be able to choose the flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone, euphonium or percussion. But for the second half of the year, in January some of the students may consider switching to a RELATED instrument for a variety of reasons.

If you choose to PURCHASE an instrument, then that limits the student's options of switching instruments in January. If you RENT from the store or school, you can always switch your rental instrument at anytime. Occasionally, students may wish to learn a completely new instrument in Intermediate Band the following year, which is perfectly fine to do. But this would be another reason to rent instead of purchase.

Reasons students may switch to a RELATED instrument in January:

- Flute to OBOE (same level of difficulty, a little more expensive, major scholarship instrument)

- Clarinet to BASS CLARINET (easier to play, easier parts, more expensive)

- Alto Sax to TENOR SAX (same as alto, just a little bigger, a little more expensive)

- Trumpet to MELLOPHONE (same level of difficulty, cheaper to rent from school, will switch to French Horn for the following year, French Horn is the biggest scholarship instrument)

- Trombone/Euphonium to TUBA (same level of difficulty, cheaper to rent from school, major scholarship instrument)
STORE RENTAL: Stores change their rental prices every year, so they usually won't post their rental prices online.

See image below for an example of what the rental prices for All County Music were in 2017. This is a good example for average prices for New, Like New, and Used instruments. ("New" means never used by another person, "Like New" means used once, "Used" means used by two or more students.) If you would like to know exact store rental prices for the three music stores in our area, you can contact them from their websites here:

All County Music:
Music Tech Studios:
Sam Ash Music:

SCHOOL RENTAL: We have very limited inventory of instruments.

Small instruments like Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone are $50 per semester but are reserved for families who are approved for free or reduced lunch. The Euphonium is the only Medium sized instrument that beginners can rent from the school. Mellophone is also $50, but is offered in January for Trumpet players who would like to switch.

Medium instruments like Tenor Sax, Bassoon, Bass Clarinet, French Horn, and Tuba are $75 per semester, but are reserved for Intermediate and Advanced Band students. If extras are available in January, they can be offered for Beginners who would like to switch at that time.

The school does not carry Oboes, Alto Saxophones, Bells, or Snare Drums for rental.
Example Rental Prices (right click - "Open Image in New Tab" to zoom in.)
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