Everything I Do book reveal Giveaway
Help me spread the word about my Robin Hood novel, Everything I Do, and its beautiful book cover, and win awesome bookish prizes, the beginning chapters of the book, as well as a coveted place in my elite reviewers' team! Offer ends on March 17th.
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1. Thank you for helping me spread the word about my Robin Hood book, Everything I Do (coming out April 17th, 2019). Please share the book trailer on your blog, website and social media (any or all of the above). It's illegal to download it, so please don't do that, but you can include the link or embed the video from YouTube. Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSBjbEo4Kgs
2. Here is the official book cover for Everything I Do. Please download it from here, and create a post where you share the news way you like. Here are some ideas: You might make a video showing it, or share it in a blog post or instagram post adding the synopsis from amazon (link below) or your thoughts about it, or reveal it on your facebook group of readers, or post it on twitter, tumblr, or anywhere you are active! Multiple places at once help spread the word immensely. *
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3. Here are the most important links for you to share along with the cover: PREORDER: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MWZ1JVN/ AUTHOR WEBSITE: mcfrankauthor.com and the TRAILER (link above) *
4. Please spread the word! The point of this giveaway is for you to create YOUR posts sharing the news for my book. Here are some detailed ideas of how you can spread the word, if you need them: -create a blog post sharing the cover, your thoughts on it, and the preorder amazon link, trailer link and goodreads link. -create a video showing the cover to your viewers while you explain briefly what it's about and why you are excited to read it -create an instagram post, inserting it in a beautiful picture, and include the required links in your bio -create a facebook, twitter or other social media post, an aesthetic, a collage, anything that makes you think of Robin Hood. And so on. Be creative, and fun! I can't wait to see what you create. Sharing my own posts is appreciated, but doesn't count for this particular giveaway. Reposting is illegal, please don't do it. *
5. I have commissioned a portrait of the protagonist of Everything I Do, Robin Hood, and I'd love it if you shared that too. You can find it on my blog, along with aditional content about Robin that you are completely free to use (with credit): https://bit.ly/2IgvjpF
MEDIA KIT: Here is Robin Hood's portait in two different versions (use whichever you prefer) and a few additional promotional pictures, if you have difficulty creating your own! Use them freely:
6. Please copy-paste here the link to where you have shared the news (only links to your original posts, please). No hurry, you can create your posts or videos and come back to fill this form out by March 17th at the latest, when this giveaway will be over! (NOTE: Instagram stories do not count as book reveal posts). After you're done, type the full links to wherever you have revealed my book here: *
CONGRATULATIONS! HERE ARE YOUR PRIZES: If you have followed the above steps correctly, you will receive for FREE the first 10 chapters of Everything I Do, 2 months before its release! Every single person who shares the news about my book and preorder link (must be at least 5 of the 6 points above please) will receive the 10 chapters for free. Everyone. (yay) Additionally, ONLY 2 people will walk away with ROBIN HOOD candles (the candles will be revealed on my instagram https://www.instagram.com/mcfrank_author). Please post a working EMAIL where I can contact you about sending you your gifts: *
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Thank you for your help! There is SECRET PRIZE: I will be selecting the most helpful/active bloggers from the book reveal party to receive free review copies of Everything I Do (if you are chosen, you will know within 24 hours of filling this form). This is your special invitation to join my super secret and elite team of reviewers. If you're interested, click here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/mcfranksstreetteam/ (I accept members within 1 day of applying, so if you are in, you'll know the next day!) *
If you do not have facebook but are still interested in receiving a review copy of EID, please post the link of an amazon review of yours below. Please be aware that at this time I require a working, up-to-date account both on goodreads and amazon from my lovely reviewers, and that's why I need proof that you are able to review on amazon. If you're not interested or unable to meet the criteria, leave blank.
You're done! Thank you so much, again. I hope you have fun sharing my Robin Hood book. Anything to add?
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