Greenway Etiquette Campaign
Please fill out this short survey regarding the Greenway Etiquette Campaign
Did you think it was necessary to address greenway etiquette? *
Prior to this campaign, did you feel you already knew proper greenway etiquette? *
Did this campaign teach you anything new about the rules of the greenway and how we should interact with one another? *
If anything, what new information did you learn?
If you had a favorite part of the campaign, what was it?
Where did you see messaging regarding the Greenway Goals campaign? (check all that apply) *
If any, which #GreenwayGoals activity did you participate in?
The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness about how to be a considerate greenway user so that we can all safely enjoy this popular shared space. Do you think this campaign achieved that? Why or why not? *
If we're to do a greenway etiquette campaign again in the future, what do you think would be the most effective way to create change? *
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