Pitch Preview Application - June 3, 2021
Charlottesville Angel Network (CAN) and Virginia Small Business Development Center (VSBDC) are offering pitch practice with accredited angel investors for Virginia's early-stage innovative entrepreneurs. There is no cost to participate and presenter(s) will leave with actionable feedback from angel investors.
**This is not an application for funding or a formal presentation to request investment.**

- Must include the majority owner of the business or the CEO equivalent
- Must be a fit for Angel Capital Investment (defined below)
- Be located in the Commonwealth of Virginia (do not need to be a Virginia legal entity)
- Preparing for equity investment (within 0-6 months)

Five applicants will be selected for each Pitch Preview event, held the first Thursday of the selected months, between 12:00-3:00 pm. Attendees commit to thirty minute time slots consisting of: 5 minutes to join and meet angels, 15 minute pitch, and 10 minutes for feedback. The June 3 event will be held virtually via zoom; future events may be hybrid (virtual and in-person); hosted by Central Virginia SBDC in Charlottesville, VA.

Equity capital (Angel or Venture) is capital for early-stage businesses that are designed to 1) achieve significant growth and 2) sell all or part of their business within 5-7 years of raising seed money. Angels typically invest less than $5M and look for opportunities that will return five (5) to ten (10) times their initial investment. For additional information regarding angel investment, we recommend reading the book 'Angel Investing' by David S. Rose.

Main Street businesses, life-style businesses, franchises, and food businesses are not a good fit for angel investment. Neither are non-profit businesses, ideas without any customer traction or technological proof of concept, or companies without a team that can advance the opportunity toward commercial success.

Please complete the application and submit for consideration in the program. If you aren't sure if you are ready or if you should apply, email contact@cvsbdc.org to complete a 'Request for Counseling' form for a confidential meeting. DEADLINE FOR THE JUNE 3 EVENT - MAY 24.
You are likely a fit for this program if ALL of the following are true. Please check those that apply.
If you left more than one choice blank, your opportunity is likely not ready for this program. Please reapply at a later date or consider other forms of capital. Check out: https://cvsbdc.org/access-to-capital/
You are likely NOT a fit for this program if ANY of the following are true. Please check those that apply.
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