Country Club VII -2017 - Art Proposal Form
Thank you for your desire to make art at Country Club!

We're looking for a wide range of creative submissions.

We love large scale art that connects in spirit with the natural features of the landscape. Smaller pieces are welcome as well, interactive works will be given priority!

All submissions should be able to withstand sun, rain, wind, heat and humidity. We have shade structures on site that can utilized to build covered tarped tented spaces. We also have 3 art cabins that feature rotating themes and art.

Please describe your artwork as completely as possible.


Thank you!
Disorient Country Club 2017 Team

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Poetic/Flyer Description
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Materials list and budget *
Please list anything coming to the location, including equipment. We have limited grants budget for some artwork. If compensation for materials is required from Disorient, please itemize and bullet point the costs here. Details are a must!
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Creation needs *
If you need help or support from Disorient in order to *complete* the piece *before* the party (e.g. instructions or space or assistants or transportation) please note that here.
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Date and plan: Transportation to the event *
What is your plan to transport the piece to the event? When do you plan to do it? If you don't know or need help, describe any special transportation needs.
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Installation *
Describe your plan for installing the piece while there. Do you need help? How long will it take? What equipment do you require?
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Team member names
Names as they need to be listed for the comp list
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Lighting and electricity *
Check all the boxes that apply to your perfomance or installation. Describe details of checked items in 'Presentation Needs' below.
Presentation needs (incl equipment or props) *
Does your work have particular needs *during* the event? Examples: volunteers, electricity, a specific location, somewhere to hang it
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Removal plans *
You are responsible for disengaging your piece but we can help! How complicated is it? Does removal require special tools or handling?
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Plan for transport from the event *
What are your plans for transporting your work from the event? Does the piece require a truck?
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All done. It's going to be a great year!
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