Ujima Boston Project COVID-19 RESOURCES Submission Form
We understand that the amount of information circulating in response to the diverse impacts of this crisis on our lives can be daunting.

We are focusing our efforts on selecting resources that are most impactful and relevant to Ujima’s Economy Builders: small businesses, grassroots organizations, artists, workers, and fellow community members.

This survey is designed for feedback from the Ujima community. We are interested in which resources you are looking for (NEEDS) as well as resources you think are relevant for the Ujima community (OFFERS).

We will be updating our website's COVID-19 Response page (ujimaboston.com/covid-19) regularly to address your feedback and suggestions. Please note that we will not able to select every resource that is suggested or requested in the interest of keeping the information we relay manageable and undaunting.

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1. What type of resource are you looking for or would be most helpful for you right now? (Check all that apply)
Use this space to provide more specificity about the resources you are looking for.
Question 2 is a space to share a link to a resource you would like us to share with the community. You can help us further by filling out 2a-2c selecting what type of resource it is and who the link will be most helpful for.
2. Link to Resource You've Found Helpful:
2a. Resource Type:
2b. The resource I shared would be most helpful for:
2c. Resource Audience:
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