Legacy Salesforce integration removal - Extension Request
If you'd like to request an extension, please complete this form within one week to ensure your request is processed. By submitting the form, you are confirming that you are requesting an extension until January 15, 2021, as an Admin or Owner of the account. You also acknowledge this as the final date after which the legacy Salesforce integration will no longer be accessible and functional (no further extensions or exceptions will be granted). Regardless of your stage of migration, you must submit this form if you are interested in extending your access to the Legacy Salesforce integration.

As a reminder, you still need to take action to prepare for the removal of the integration. If you have a Salesforce edition with API rights, you can set up the new Salesforce integration built on Zendesk that is generally available.

If you do not have a Salesforce Edition with API rights, you can choose Zendesk Duet combining the power of Zendesk Sell and Support or the Workato Salesforce to Support Integration. We recommend taking action as soon as possible to avoid disruption to your business.

We appreciate your collaboration,
The Zendesk Team


* Removal of legacy Salesforce integration managed package announcement: https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025775274-Removal-of-legacy-Salesforce-integration-managed-package

* Setting up the Zendesk for Salesforce integration:

*Migrating to the new integration:

* Migrating to alternative solutions:
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Are you planning to migrate to the new Salesforce Integration built on Zendesk?
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If you are NOT planning to migrate to the new integration built on Zendesk, what alternate solution are you considering?
What has been blocking your migration by the communicated deadline of October 15, 2020?
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By checking the box, you confirm that you are requesting an extension to access the legacy integration until January 15, 2021, as an Admin or Owner of the account. *
By checking this box, you acknowledge that this granted until January 15, 2021, and no further extensions for the legacy Salesforce integration will be granted after this time. *
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