Form 2: Background information
This form is related to the research pertaining the positionality of artists with disabilities conducted by Outi Salonlahti.
This form is for your background information.

The background information will not be connected to the life story, and the background information will not be reported individually. It will only be used to write a summary on all the participants collectively.

For more information, please contact:
Outi Salonlahti
+358 40 584 2734
International Master’s Degree Programme in Cultural Policy
The University of Jyväskylä

1. Your year of birth *
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2. Your gender *
3. In which city or township do you live in? *
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4. Your education *
5. What kind of education or degree do you have in the art field? *
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6. What is your specific field of art *
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7. Your hobbies (current and former) *
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8. From what sources do you receive your income at the moment? *
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9. Your mother tongue *
10. When did you become impaired or were you born with an impairment? *
11. What kind of impairment do you have?
You can choose more than one option. This question is optional and not mandatory.
12. If you want, you can give feedback about this research, the form(s) and the call for writings.
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