DanceFIT Scholarship Application
*This scholarship is available to dancers in our communities and beyond.  Out of state dancers and dancers who previously danced at DanceFIT are welcome to apply.
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What VIRTUAL class would you like to attend? We want to make sure we have an available spot for him/ her.  In order to find the perfect class match, please take a look at our schedule below. Select the times that work for you and your dancer.  Classes are 35-45 minutes and your dancer will need a device with wifi to access them. *Classes based on availability.
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What STUDIO class would you like to attend? We are located in Natick, MA. *Classes based on availability.
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Why do you want your child to dance at DanceFIT Studio? Please tell me a little bit about your child and why you think he/she will benefit from dance classes.
Please explain why you need this scholarship.  (This information is confidential.)
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