Application: Mobile Learning Scholars 1.0
Please respond to the questions below. Include any additional information that may help the application reviewers better understand your interest in mobile learning and how being a cohort member will benefit you, your students, and Boise State. The deadline for submitting this application is January 24, 2020 (5:00 pm MST).
Contact Information
First Name
Last Name
E-Mail Address
Phone Number
College or Other Institutional Affiliation
Professional Rank
Employee ID Number
Course Information
What is the catalog number and name of the course in which you will be implementing mobile learning?
What is the expected enrollment in the course?
Please respond to the questions below to share with us your plan for participating in Mobile Learning Scholars.
What experience, if any, do you have in using mobile devices or other technology in education?
What do you hope to accomplish by participating in the Mobile Learning Scholars 1.0 cohort? Why do you feel the cohort model will best support your exploration of mobile learning?
What are the pedagogical challenges you will address while participating in the cohort? How will the use of mobile devices help you achieve course objectives?
How will you share what you have learned from the cohort with the campus community (for example, through written documentation, video interview, or participation in a panel discussion)? Do you have a particular venue you can use to share what you’ve learned (a department blog or a professional association, for instance)?
Cohort Meetings
The Mobile Scholars cohort will meet on alternating weeks throughout the semester, for a total of 8 meetings. To help facilitate attendance, two tracks have been established. As a participant, you will choose one of the tracks (Monday or Wednesday) to attend throughout the semester.
Please indicate below the meeting track you are most likely to attend.
Please type your full name below and insert the date to indicate that you understand your obligations and responsibilities as a participant in Mobile Learning Scholars program. By signing you agree to deliver required assets and participate fully in the program including, attending all meetings and completing assigned activities.
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