2019 SCA Board of Directors Petition Candidate
If you are interested in becoming a petition candidate for the SCA Board of Directors please complete the following form.

Once the form is complete, SCA staff will supply you with the link to the petition form to be shared with members of SCA to promote your petition for nomination. Petition candidate supporters must submit the petition candidate’s name and their own membership details (name, email address, and SCA membership number) on the form. Your SCA membership number can be found by logging in to the SCA website here or by contacting membership@sca.coffee.

Only signatures from SCA members in good standing will be counted towards petition candidate support. To be considered a member in good standing, SCA membership must be paid in full by September 1 of the election year.

Petition candidates will be notified once a minimum of 100 supporters have been received, and their name will appear on the SCA election ballot.

Deadline for petition candidacy and 100 supporters is September 30th, 2019.
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The SCA Board meets in-person four times a year with the occasional hour-long conference call. SCA Board Directors are also expected to attend SCA Expo and World of Coffee. The time commitment totals roughly 2-3 weeks of your time per year. Are you able to make this time commitment to the SCA Board? *
SCA Board members serve a two-year term. Are you able to to make this time commitment to the SCA Board? *
SCA Board members must be SCA members in good standing. Are you currently an SCA member in good standing? *
As the majority of board business is conducted in English, Board Directors are expected to be fluent in written and spoken English. Are you able to conduct business in written and spoken English? *
Board service is a volunteer position. Expenses will be reimbursed according to the SCA Travel Policy, which includes airfare and lodging. Board members should expect to cover time and food expenses. Do you acknowledge these terms of the position? *
Are there any jurisdictions to which you cannot travel?
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