Nicks Handmade Boots Fit Evaluation
Welcome to Nicks! The boot you received is a try on boot only. This may not be the same model as your final boot.

Please follow the steps below:
1) Watch the "How to be fit video";
2) Get walking for 10-15 minutes;
3) Fill out and submit this form;
4) Give us a call with your boots still on to discuss your results at 800-824-2685 Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. PST.

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How to be fit: Watch this video before filling out the questions below.
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Are you ordering boots with a safety toe?
Please note that we cannot guarantee the comfort of safety toe boots. This includes steel, composite, and double celastic toe boots. Toe discomfort is not covered under warranty. Boots will not be exchanged or returned due to safety toe discomfort. Safety toes can be removed at customer's request. This can cost from $50-255 depending on the boot model ordered. Does customer understand?
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Let's Get Started with the Fit
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Are the false tongues (leather-fringed brush-guards) laced in? *
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Let's get walking for 10-15 minutes!
This helps relax the 7000+ nerves in the feet providing accuracy to the measurements taken in this evaluation.
Have you walked (indoors) for 10-15 minutes? *
Heel Verification
Heel Right Boot: How does your heel feel? *
Heel Left Boot: How does your heel feel? *
If your heels feel loose and will likely cause a blister, have you re-laced the boots properly (i.e. tongue folded to one side, and the laces have no movement or "slack" left in them)? *
If "Yes" continue with fit evaluation. If "No": Re-lace following proper lacing instructions. Walk again, indoors, for 5 minutes.
Boots were re-laced using proper lacing instructions. *
Did you re-walk a second time for 5 minutes? *
Heel Right Boot: Is the heel still sloppy? *
Heel Left Boot: Is the heel still sloppy? *
Length Measurement Verification
Standing naturally, with your body weight evenly distributed between both feet, have the one assisting you push hard with their thumb sideways (see photo below) in front of the longest toe. We need to confirm that there is 3/4"-1" of space between the longest toe and the first row of stitching.
Thumb's width example.
Right Boot Length: How much space do you have? *
Right Toe Length Notes:
Left Boot Length: How much space do you have? *
Left Toe Length Notes:
Width Measurement Verification
"Uncomfortably snug" is normal. Break in will change the snugness from uncomfortable to comfortable.
Right Boot Width: At the the widest part of the right foot, please describe how the leather feels around the foot. *
Right Boot Toes: How do your toes feel in the toe box? *
Right Width and Toe Notes:
Left Boot Width: At the the widest part of the left foot, please describe how the leather feels around the foot. *
Left Boot Toes: How do you toes feel in the toe box? *
Left Width and Toe Notes:
Width: In general do you prefer a firm fit or a relaxed fit? *
Arch Position
This is verifying the correct placement of the arch support.
Centered arch support is felt just ahead of the heel, +/- 1/4" toward the front or back of the boot.
You might feel the arch most prominently in the center (right over the Vibram logo) and less so on the inside and outside.
Right Arch: Refer to photos above. Does the arch feel centered? *
Right Arch Support Notes:
Left Arch: Refer to photos above. Does the arch feel centered? *
Left Arch Support Notes:
To verify that the boots lace properly (not too narrow / not too wide) please submit a lacing photo below. If you are unable to send photos this way, photos can be emailed to Please just include your name in the subject line.
Sample of lacing photo
Please upload lacing photo(s) here
A photo of the lacing pattern was uploaded or emailed in. *
Lacing Notes
Overall Fit
Overall Fit: Nicks guarantees the fit when you go through this process. This means you, the customer, will follow Nicks recommendations for break-in, and if there are any fit issues during break in Nicks will work with customers and make adjustments (if necessary) to get the boots fitting properly. *
Are there any other questions you have that weren't addressed in the fit evaluation?
What should you do with this try on boot? *
With your boots still on, click "Submit" and give us a call Monday-Friday, 9AM-4:30PM (PST). 509-483-1248.
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