Clear Falls High School Band
Peer Evaluation Form
Welcome to the Peer Evaluation!
Your answers will remain 100% confidential. Please note, this process is an integral part of the leadership selection for the Clear Falls High School Band. Please fill this form out and express how you truly feel. THIS WILL BE VIEWED BY THE DIRECTORS ONLY! This will not be shared with the person your are evaluating.
What is the name of the person you are recommending?
Leadership is exemplified in a person who is willing to go out of their way to do things for both the organization and the people within. Further, this person encourages others to do the same. This person is not merely an excellent follower or a good example of such, but is a person that can take charge, be sensitive to all members, and can, by good example or inspiration, lead others to success. How well does the candidate exemplify the above statement? *
Leadership: This candidate will make an excellent role model for all band students. *
Leadership: This candidate is someone you can count on at ALL times for the good of the band program. *
Leadership: This candidate will make a great leader, in fact, so great I will follow. *
Commitment is exemplified in a person who attends all rehearsals, sectionals and performances without failure. This person gives no excuses. This person is on time for all functions of the program, be it performances or rehearsals. When this person is assigned a task, it is performed without question or reminder. This candidate fits the definition listed above. *
Commitment: This candidate is never late, always prepared. *
Commitment: This candidate is one of the most responsible people I know. *
Attitude is exemplified in a person who supports the band and the directors’ decisions at all times. This person tries to make the best of any situation and looks for positives, not negatives in the program. This person works to accomplish those things beneficial to the whole program, and not just one individual or small group. This candidate fits the definition listed above. *
Attitude: This candidate supports the band staff in its decision-making. *
Attitude: This candidate does not complain about the day-to-day grind of band. *
Attitude: I enjoy being around this person. *
Responsibility is exemplified in a person who is accountable for their actions. This person is often found volunteering to take on extra tasks when needed. This person does not provide excuses for mistakes. This person is one who is constantly upholding his/her scholastic standing and doing everything possible for the program’s needs. This candidate fits the definition listed above. *
Responsibility: This candidate positively interacts with the band staff. *
Responsibility: This candidate takes the blame, 100% of the time for their actions. *
Responsibility: This candidate is dependable. I trust this person. *
Artistry is exemplified in a person who is constantly setting the standard for the entire program, regardless of one’s performing band. Examples: preparation and practice for all rehearsals and performances, excellent rehearsal etiquette, wanting to and volunteering to participate in all events, be it full band, small group, or individual participation. This candidate fits the definition listed above. *
Artistry: This candidate is a fantastic musician/dancer. *
Artistry: This candidate works to be the best performer at all times. *
Artistry: This person loves practicing and performing. *
Please write your first and last name. Note: putting in a false name will void your answers! *
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