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The post-apocalypse is here and real, where ancient and varied cultures and technologies have been erased in the name of Empire and Progress. What do we do when access to memory/the past has been standardized, and the potential to manifest and (dis)embody the joyous unknown has been shamed and left behind?

This track seeks sci-fi and speculative themed session proposals that disrupt, deconstruct, and reframe oppressive mainstream media networks, narratives, and representation by using multiple sci-fi possibilities to reframe existence.

Appropriate themes and activities include:
Afro-futurism, healing practices, bodies and abilities (paranormal, dis- or otherwise), storytelling, emergence, meme-making, imaginative world-building, fan-fiction, magical real[ness], DIY sci-fi, intersectionality, collective memory, speculative cities, exploding binaries, digital places/cyberspaces, redefining science/technology, technologies that are incomplete, gestural & in process, recuperation of technologies both ancient and contemporary, mythology, affect and public regulation of feeling, ∞.

We explicitly seek to welcome and center the #libtech track around:
People of color, black people, trans people (especially transwomen), youth, native people, fat and abundant people, surveilled people, mixed people, non-people, and the communities that exist around the lot of us in all our different places and experiences.

Read the FAQs for Submiting AMC Sessions here:

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