Portland High School Family Volunteer Form
At Portland High School , we welcome and encourage family involvement. There are many ways for you to become involved in the education of your children. Please read the list below and check any areas in which you feel you would like to become involved.

A Letter (PDF) from Communications & Community Partnerships: Director https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uzLePL0oVwQ_kY1nqRHyDDR_3Lkcu9yp/view?usp=sharing">
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Letter from Communications & Community Partnerships
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Portland Public Schools Student Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement *
Student Privacy and Volunteer Confidentiality. Students in the Portland Public Schools have the right to expect that all volunteers will keep information about them confidential.  Additionally, the U.S. congress has addressed the privacy-related concerns of educators, parents, and students by enacting the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (known more commonly as “FERPA” or the “Buckley Amendment”).  Among other provisions, FERPA allows the government to withdraw federal funds from any educational institution, including the Portland Public Schools, which disseminates a student’s education records without his or her parent’s consent.Each student with whom you work has the right to expect that nothing that happens to or about him or her will be repeated to anyone other than authorized school department employees, as designated by the administrators at your school.  Even when discussing a student with those who are directly involved in a student’s education, such as a teacher, principal, or guidance counselor, you may not share otherwise confidential information with them unless it is relevant to the student’s educational growth, safety, or well being.You may not share information about a student even with others who are genuinely interested in the student’s welfare, such as social workers, scout leaders, clergy, or nurses/physicians (a grave medical emergency, in which confidential information may be necessary for a student’s care, is the only exception).  Thus, you must refer all such questions to the school employees so authorized and indicated to you, typically the student’s teacher or principal.Parents, friends, or community members may in good faith ask you questions about a student’s problems or progress.  Again, you must refer all such questions to the authorized school employees.  You may not share information about a student even with members of you own family or the student’s family.Before you speak, always remember that violating a student’s confidentiality isn’t just impolite; it’s against the law!                                                                                                                                By typing my name below, I agree to  never disclose information about a student's records to anyone other than authorized school department employees.
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