2020 CHS Boys Soccer Interest Form
Please complete the following form for the coaching staff. We will communicate through the Remind that is set up throughout the spring/summer/fall. To join the Remind, please text @chsbsoc20 to 81010. Thank you.
What is your name (First and Last)? *
What grade are you going into this Fall? *
What position(s) are you going to try out for? *
What are your strengths as a player? *
What are your weaknesses as a player? *
How are you going to improve as a player over the Spring and Summer leading to tryouts? *
What club/school (if coming from middle school) team did you play for this past Spring 2019 season? Please be specific. (For example.. NRFA Silver 03, NCFC Gold 03, etc.) If you did not play put N/A and why. *
What is your email address? (One you check often) *
What is your parent/guardian(s) names? *
Please list your parent/guardian(s) emails. *
Are there any days/weeks that you know you'll miss this summer? (Vacation, jobs, etc.) *
Is there anything else you would like the coaching staff to know? *
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