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Any personal data provided on this form will be used to (i) identify applicants (ii) process an application in line with the school’s admissions policy (iii) communicate with parents/guardians in respect of an application (iv) notify parents/guardians of the outcome of an application.

The information will be retained for an appropriate period thereafter to address any potential queries arising from the application process or added to the student’s school file in the case of successful applicants.

In accordance with section 66(6) of the Education Act 1998, as amended, personal data relating to applications for admission may be shared with the board of management of another school or the patron in order to facilitate the efficient admission of students. This information may include the date on which an application was received by the school, the date on which an offer was made and the date on which an offer was accepted. Personal information concerning applicants may also be shared, including their name, address, date of birth and PPS number.

Further information on the handling of your personal data, including how to exercise your rights under GDPR, is set out in the school’s Data Protection Policy, which is available on
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