Almost Fearless Adventure Grants
Are you a family that adventures? We want to hear from you! Tell us about your big, life-changing adventure and how you'd use the $1,000 grant to make it even better.
The Program
We're looking for families about to embark on the adventure of their lives. Are you planning an around-the-world trip, multi-country roadtrip, a summer in a yurt, a massive challenge, or singular adventure? Once a quarter we're selecting one family with a great story, an amazing adventure and sponsoring their trip. Our $1000 grant can be used to buy equipment, pay for travel costs, extend your trip, or whatever you choose.

We're looking for families, so there should be at least one child involved! Beyond that we need permission to write about you, share photos from your trip and keep our readers updated on how it all went. To enter, you must be over 18, and a US citizen.

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