eduCONF / Survey
Identify a set of policies recommendations that can help solving the issues as follows:<blockquote>
1. Management of virtual numbers;
2. Integration of virtual numbers into tree populated by valid E.164 numbers;
3. Definition of implementation options and technical parameters on a consensus basis;
4. Number delegation to transnational organizations/projects that are:<blockquote>
4.1 not affiliated with academic community or
4.2 not representing a particular country</blockquote></blockquote>
<li><b>Virtual numbers</b><p>PSTN-like telephone numbers that are not assigned to end-users by (national) authority, but chosen deliberately by local administrators of communication infrastructures (such as Videoconferencing, VoIP). Only exist in the Internet context, not valid, visible and accessible from traditional PSTN networks.
<li><b>Transnational Organizations/Projects</b><p>Organizations or projects serving global communities across nations (not representing a particular country). Examples: GÉANT, Polycom, Microsoft, Google, Skype, Cisco, ...
<li><b>Number/block delegation</b><p>Technical process of assigning country codes to national registries (by or number blocks under country codes to end users.
<li><b>Number/block registration</b><p>Technical process of configuring DNS and populating it with the appropriate ENUM records (adding NAPTR to DNS) via registrars.

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