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The mission of Green Events is to work as a consulting partner with student organizations to make on-campus events more eco-friendly through resource conservation, responsible purchasing, and proper waste disposal. We aspire to show the UT community how to easily and effectively reduce waste, material, and energy usage while simultaneously putting on fantastic events!

*NOTE* This form is intended for one-time events. If your org is interested in making recurring meetings zero waste, please fill out our other form here: (

A Green Events coordinator will contact you following the completion of this form to schedule a meeting with your org's representative. Thanks for choosing Green Events!
General Information
Tell us about your organization!
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Event Information
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Recycling and Composting
Green Events aims to make our clients’ events zero waste through our free composting and recycling services. We'll discuss which type and how many bins to bring to your event!
Food vendors *
Look for vendors that source their ingredients locally, use compostable packaging, and/or limit the amount of meat and dairy in their food.
Will you have any special type of waste that you don't know how to get rid of from the event? (ex. sparklers, water balloons, etc.)
We'll try finding sustainable ways to dispose of these items, but you have to let us know they'll be at the event!
Compostable Products
Green Events sells compostable cups, plates and utensils at a comparable price to plastic products. Our BPI-certified compostable products are designed to compost efficiently, ensuring your event can be landfill-free.
Compostable Product Pricing
Please list products and quantity desired.
This is to let us get an idea of what you'll need, it is not set in stone.
Is your org a student sponsored org? If yes, please provide your advisor's name and email address.
Student Sponsored Organizations = have a designated and acknowledged partnership with a university academic or administrative unit.
Are you willing to insert the Green Events logo on your publicity materials? *
Any questions?
Let us know any concerns or problems and we'll do our best to come up with creative, sustainable solutions!
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