Mordecai Architectural History Survey request
The Mordecai Historic Preservation Committee (MHPC) is exploring options for the protection of the neighborhood's historic homes and characteristics. So far, we have gauged community concerns and learned from the Raleigh Historic Development Commission (RHDC) about what options the city provides. (Please visit the MHPC's website to learn more about our work, see recordings of past meetings, and get in touch with us.)

Our next step is to ask the RHDC for an architectural survey of the Mordecai Place neighborhood. Please note: this will be done at no cost to homeowners. The City of Raleigh pays all survey costs and will share the results with homeowners. The architectural survey would be based on the existing Mordecai Place Historic District. (That nomination form included the architectural history of Mordecai Place and a list of the buildings as of 1998.) A new architectural survey would answer these questions:
* What kinds of historic homes and structures does the neighborhood contain now?
* How many buildings still remain?
* Which buildings have been altered?
* Where have demolitions occurred?

To request this free, informational survey, we need your response!

Survey results may inform MHPC's recommendations for possible historic preservation options for the Mordecai Place neighborhood. Undertaking the survey does not commit the neighborhood to any specific plan, now or in the future.

Your response below simply informs the RHDC whether to undertake an architectural review of the neighborhood, whose results will be shared upon completion.

At this time, the RHDC seeks responses only from those households within the Mordecai Place Historic District. For a map, please see or the image below.

One response per household, please. Thanks for your reply!
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Mordecai Place Historic District
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