FADA Board Application 2017-2018
FADA (Film Arts Drama Alliance) is an organization that promotes collaborative filmmaking through our exclusive UCI-only sub-organizations. This includes both Zotfilm and Zotfest, our filmmaking subdivisions. In addition, we will also sponsor weekly ZOTFILM PRODUCTIONS meetings, where club members can enjoy producing short-films with other members of the UCI film community. All of this will culminate to our student-created film festival and celebration, ZOTFEST, at the end of the year.

You don't need to have been in FADA in the past to apply! If you are chosen, you will receive training for any position you are chosen for!

You also can apply for multiple positions! Just fill out one google form for each position.

Applications are due June 4th!

We will be holding interviews Week 10 or at an agreed upon time.

If you would like to be considered for multiple positions, please fill out a new google form for each submission.

Good Luck!

Questions? Concerns?
Email us at fadauci@gmail.com

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