Application for Work Trade at Oregon and/or Cascadia Tantra Festivals 2019!
We are glad you are interested in being on staff as a work trader for one or more of our Tantra Festivals!

Please apply for the Cascadia Fest to get on our waiting list, we are currently full!

Cascadia Tantra Festival is August 28-Sept 1st, 2019, held at Sahale Retreat Center 20 minutes from Belfair, WA

The events are focused on inner awareness, tantric arts and relationship skills.

The festival will have 20 + workshops slots of 2 hours in length over the 4 days of the festival.

We Offer You:
Discounted Festival Ticket: for $300, we will give a full ticket to all the events in the entire festival, and a free camping /RV pass including food, which is a $525 value.

You will be responsible for your extra lodging costs if you choose to stay on site in a room or platform tent. If you are camping, bring your own tent and gear, or your small RV.

Are you a local person who would like to sleep at home? That works just fine, and please allow for the traffic and travel time to be prompt for events.

We ask from you:

We ask staff to be present at the entire festival and think of themselves as energetic pillars of the event. Please arrive Friday between 10 and noon before the event starts, to assist with set up and connection.
We will be having a staff meeting to connect and invoke a sacred space for the event around 2 pm.
Expect to stay a few hours hours after the event ends at 3 pm on Tuesday.

We ask for 15-16 hours of work trade, either before or during the event.

Positions available:

Space Tender work trade -

You will work 3 hours before event setting up and registration help, 3 hours after the event cleaning up, and 2.5 hours each day of event, cleaning and tidying spaces.
This will be vacuuming, sweeping workshop spaces, tidying, taking out the trash, doing laundry, and cleaning bathrooms and other common spaces.
You will set up an altar, and take it down. This task can be done during the breaks so it is nice for not missing much of the program.

Parking Maestro work trade
You will work 3 hours before event with parking on the first afternoon and next morning, directing the parking or being a go-fer to get things in town. 2.5 hours each day of event, are also needed, doing clean up, kitchen or misc help. More parking time might be needed, but if there is time left over, the last 3 hours can be clean up after the event. Be comfortable being outside and have raingear. Please have your own car.

Help with Registration on the first day, for 4 hours

Workshop Monitor
help the presenters of the day with whatever they need for their workshop, and be at the workshop as a non-participating space holder, in case anyone needs assistance or support.

Kitchen work traders - (N/A for Cascadia Fest, we dont need to do kitchen)
You will do 4 shifts at 3.5 hour each shift, one per day. You will rotate between early morning, lunch or dinner shifts.
All work traders need to do some kitchen shifts to spread this job around.

Please let us know which of these you might be interested in!

Here is the registration web site:

thanks, Amara

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Help with Promotion
We are also requesting that all presenters and staff announce this event to their own audience a minimum of 2 times prior to the festival.

This includes posting in your own newsletters, related meet ups, and Facebook invitations and shares.

We can really use your help in getting the word out about the Oregon Tantra Festival!

Now is the time to really start pumping with our promotion, because the early deadline is May 20th for discounts! Our registrations have just been trickling in, so now is the time to get it rolling.

There are various ways you can help us get the word out! Please do the actions below, hopefully as soon as possible to be really timely.

Facebook Posts - write a post twice a month for the next few months on your timeline, talking about what you will present, and giving the link to our web site:

Promotion- I will help with: *
Ready and willing! *
Thanks for your application! We will get back to you soon!
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