Graduate Student Teaching Observation Request Form
Please use this form to request a CTL Teaching Observation. To arrange for a teaching observation, please submit this request form at least two weeks prior to the date when you would like to be observed.
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Enter a specific date you would like a consultant to observe your class. You must request your observation at least two weeks in advance of the date you wish to be observed.
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Please note that consultants will observe for up to one hour, even if the class may run longer.
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Is this the only date/time that consultants will be able to observe your teaching during this semester?
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Please provide specific directions if needed for entering the building. If the room has not been confirmed, please enter TBD.
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Videotaping of Teaching Observations
CTL offers videotaping as an optional component of Teaching Observations. Videotaping gives an instructor an additional perspective on the class session, and provides a point of reference when debriefing about the session with a CTL teaching consultant. These tapes are for formative purposes, and they are shared just with the observed instructor.

If you opt for videotaping, please inform your students of the Teaching Observation process before it occurs. Inform them of the purpose of the taping, that the camera will not be focused on them, and that the video is given only to the instructor. If they are uncomfortable with the taping, suggest that they sit close to the camera person to ensure that they are not in the video.
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