Head Investor Relations on Graypes
Thank you for your interest in the position of "Head Investor Relations".
This position is described below and advertised also here: http://tiny.cc/y3f6jz

About Graypes
Graypes GmbH (https://graypes.com/) is a unique, online SaaS platform for innovators, providing automated and AI-based evaluation of business ideas, allowing a drastic reduction of time and cost for the funding process.

At Graypes we believe that happy people are creative people, and we build a visionary environment to develop, perform and create meaning, not just money.

Graypes is growing and in order to accelerate our expansion, we are seeking a like-minded visionary for this challenging position of Head Investor Relations. The position’s holder mission will be to evangelize the Graypes innovators community to the global investment and funding industry.

You will be required to:
+ Define the investment strategy to support the funding requirements of the Graypes innovation community.
+ Execute the agreed investment strategy and closely monitor its performance.
+ Build trust, affiliations and negotiate business agreements, with active investors like:
Wealthy Individuals
Private Funds
Venture & Angel Investors
+ Work closely with innovators (entrepreneurs, startup teams, R&D institutions) in order to effectively engage with the global investment and funding industry.
+ Provide business insights into the global innovation funding ecosystem and future trends.

You will bring:
+ 7+ years of experience working directly in the startup and funding ecosystem.
+ Successful record as Fund Manager, Venture or Angel Investor.
+ Strong relationships within the global investing, funding, and innovation community.
+ Strategic mindset with a global business perspective.
+ Results driven personality, who takes initiative, manages the execution and focuses on performance.
+ Passion for innovative ideas and an understanding of how they can shape the future for a better world.
+ Experience in building-up and leading high-performing teams.
+ Excellent written and spoken English.

What we offer:
+ The opportunity to contribute to a unique business on a great vision to "democratize innovation".
+ Being part of a growing and talented team.
+ The challenge to actively contribute to a growing portfolio of investors and innovators.

If you are interested, you can now complete in about 5 minutes, the next short questionnaire, to enroll in the recruitment process.

I will be happy to discuss with you the opportunity for a common vision at Graypes, the greatest funding syndicate!

Federico Carrasco
Graypes GmbH, Founder & CEO | https://graypes.com | federico.fcc@graypes.com
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