WakandaAAA University 2019
Please join the Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology in creating the place you want to be!  This year we will be operational during select time slots only.  Also note that we will be working off site, in collaboration with Ethnographic Terminalia. If you want to submit a proposal, complete the questions below.  Go crazy!  Be imaginative!
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What is your event/installation (etc.) called?
Short description -- please summarize the juicy aspects of what you envision in a sentence or two.
Long description -- please describe your idea more fully.  Who is it for?  What is its spirit? What motivates you to do this? What is it meant to accomplish?
Does your event require equipment? If so, please list what you will be bringing.  Include a schematic of how it will be arranged in the 10 x 10 space. (It is also possible to work outside the 10 x 10 space to a limited degree.)
If you have materials and/or equipment, how much  time you need for install/deinstall
Time slot (check those for which you can be present for your proposed event)
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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