Beginning My Purpose Discovery Journey
I commend your decision to embark on your Purpose Discovery Journey.

One of the most IMPORTANT truths everyone comes to know is that EVERYONE created by God(that includes you) was created/born to fulfill a certain unique purpose.

This awareness makes the DISCOVERY of one's purpose a feat that should be encouraged and celebrated (yaaaaay).

This questionnaire seeks to help you recognize certain road maps that play important role in your PURPOSE DISCOVERY journey

One truth you should know: I do not have all the answers, but I am choosing to share the little knowledge I have with you, and I pray that it helps you gain CLARITY, FOCUS and FULFILLMENT. AMEN.
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Who are YOU? Describe yourself in two or three sentences *
What is special about YOU? While answering this question, don't compare yourself with another person. Look within you and draw out those qualities you perceive or believe are special about you.
What life principles do YOU live by?
Do you have CORE VALUES? If, yes, What are your top 3 CORE VALUES?
What are YOUR interests? What are you passionate about?
What do people say they admire about YOU? Do YOU agree with them?
What area do you think God is calling you into? And why do you think so?
Are you aware of the seven mountains of influence?
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What are the things people say they admire about you? *
What did you enjoy doing as a Child? *
What two things do you wish you could change about the world?
What do you enjoy doing NOW? *
What painful life experience have you survived?
What life experiences do YOU wish to erase from YOUR memory?
What gifts, talents or skills do you have?
Are you using any of the gifts, talents and skills mentioned above in any way?
What would you want to be known for? *
What lessons have life taught you?
What would make you HAPPY right now?
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