Southern Oregon Student Success Act Engagement Survey
Thank you to all our amazing parents, staff, and community members for helping to get the Student Success Act (SSA) passed in 2019! This money will start being collected in 2020 and our schools and students will see the impact of this money in the 2020-21 school year.

The SSA marks a turning point for education in Oregon. We can finally invest in an education system that will ensure every single student in our state is on a path to realizing their dreams for the future. We need YOUR input to make that happen. The SSA requires parents, community, and staff to come together and provide input on how the SSA money will be invested in our schools and students. That input is required by law and critical to getting district grants approved by ODE so our schools can receive the money.
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What is your primary role in that District? *
What other roles do you have in that District? Select all that apply.
Each School District in Southern Oregon is applying for funds that have been made available through the Student Success Act. What are your priorities for what that money should be spent on? Select all that apply.
If your district had unlimited resources, what programs, people, support, and/or services would your school have that they don't have now?
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Anything we didn't ask that you feel is important to say? Are you interested in volunteering to help or be on a committee? Anything we need to know about your district? Something else?
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Part of the SSA is ensuring we authentically engage students, staff, and families of particularly underserved or marginalized groups. Are you a member of one of these groups?
I am interested in participating in a committee with my School District on creating the plan for how the funds from the Student Success Act will be spent. If yes, please be sure to include your contact information below.
Please provide contact information in case we have questions about your responses (optional)
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Additional Information
Interested in providing more feedback on what your schools need? Go to:

Interested in more information about the SSA? Go to the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Site that has a variety of materials:

Questions for us? Email or call (541)779-7865

Thank you for supporting the schools our students and communities deserve!
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