Triad Anime Con Photoshoot request form
Do you plan on organizing a photo shoot and want to make sure everyone knows about it? This year, we're making it easier to put your shoots together by offering signups! Our programming head will do his best not to schedule panels or events around your planned photo shoot provided you submit it using this form.

We are recommending photo shoots organize first in the hotel lobby or in front of it, as there's enough space for groups to converge there before heading out to wherever you desire for your shoot location (and provides a good "what if" scenario in case of inclement weather).

Signup times are on a first-come, first-served basis, and should be submitted by the person who is planning on organizing the photo shoot. We have enough space for two groups to organize at the same time, but if you submit a time that two other planned photo shoots have already requested, you will be asked to pick a different time/day.

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Please note: If you request your shoot be on Friday, please do not choose a time before 5pm
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Please enter a time for your photo shoot. You can request am or pm, and on the half hour or on the hour(ex. 5:30pm, 11:00am, etc)
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Location of photo shoot
If you know where exactly you'd like to meet up for this at the con, list it here. Otherwise you can meet your group in the hotel lobby.
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