Bighorn Sheep Licensing Survey
The Wyoming Wildlife Task Force met July 8th, 2021 to discuss licensing issues for the “Big 5.” The “Big 5” refers to bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, bison, and grizzly bear. Discussions revolved around the resident/nonresident license allocations and preference point systems. Full meeting recordings and public input forms can be found at the Wyoming Wildlife Task Force website:

The Wildlife Task Force is considering following other states when it comes to resident/nonresident license allocations for these 5 species with a 90% allocation to residents and a 10% allocation to non-residents.

Currently bighorn sheep license allocations are 75% resident and 25% nonresident. Within those allocations, license drawings are 25% random and 75% based on preference points. However, due to the limited number of bighorn sheep tags available and the large numbers of applicants, this has led to an issue of preference point creep. Under this system, drawing a bighorn sheep tag has become increasingly difficult.

As such, the task force proposed several different preference point systems and alternatives (listed below) and they have proposed making bighorn sheep ram licenses once-in-a-lifetime.

Preference Point Options:
1. No change – continue preference point system as is with a 25% random draw, 75% preference point draw
2. Phase out – don’t issue any more preference points and issue tags based on the preference points that already exist under current system until they’re all gone. Go to completely random draw.
3. 50/50 – Keep preference points as is, but shift to a 50% random draw and 50% preference point allocation.
4. 25/75 – Keep preference points as is, but shift to a 75% random draw and 25% preference point allocation.
5. Bonus Points – convert preference points to bonus points, such applicants are entered into a completely random drawing as many times they have points (e.g., I have 10 points, my name goes into the drawing 10 times. Still able to accumulate points.
6. Weighted Bonus Points – Similar to above, but applicants’ total points are squared (e.g., I have 10 total points, my point value is squared so my name is put in the drawing 100 times). Increase chances for folks who have invested for longer.

The task force has asked us to survey our membership on these topics knowing how dedicated you all are to bighorn sheep hunting and conservation. Please take a moment to fill out the following simple survey so we can provide the task force with the best information possible and ensure our voice is herd on this very important topic.
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Are you in favor of the 90% resident, 10% nonresident license allocation for the Big 5 (bighorn sheep, moose, mountain goat, bison, grizzly)?
Are you in favor of bighorn sheep tags becoming once-in-a-lifetime?
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If bighorn sheep tags become once-in-a-lifetime, would you like to see restrictions on youth (under the age of 18) in the random draw, but still eligible to purchase preference points?
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Which of the following preference point options would you like to see for bighorn sheep(descriptions above)?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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