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Please fill out the form in entirety.  Post any questions in the last box.

The ARC team is managed via Facebook group, so members will need to be active on that platform.

Reading and reviewing books is required. I'm happy to provide free copies of all my books for my ARC readers, but I require at least one review to add you to the team.

ARC Team members will read Laurel Night's books before release day and share reviews to Amazon (*most important*), Goodreads, and Bookbub. Any additional promotion on release day would be very appreciated, but not required. - Those unable to post to Amazon will be considered on a case-by-case basis - Please note any other place you are willing to post reviews such as a blog, Tiktok, Instagram, or YouTube channel.

You must be comfortable reading and reviewing PNR/Contemporary RH. There will be approximately 5 ARCs in the coming year, including one in March and one in April. These are sequels to currently released books, so ARC team will need to have read the previous books, preferably in KU but ARC copies can be provided.

Books will be sent using BookFunnel by email, each copy is encoded. You will be notified one (1) week before the ARC is sent and on the day of and provided with a calendar with tentative ARC dates and release dates upon acceptance in the team. All information will be available in ARC Team Fb group.

Review expectation is that the reviews will be posted *ON or BY* release day. Links to reviews will be posted in a form that must be filled out (in other words, all reviews reported) within one week of release.

Failure to review in a timely manner *without notice* will result in removal from the ARC team.
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I have upcoming releases this year that are continuations of current books, you will be REQUIRED to read and submit reviews on the published Book 1 to receive the Book 2. By clicking that you agree, you understand that you need to read on your time in KU or contact Dom Whit to send via BookFunnel; and that you will submit reviews prior to Book 2's release. *
By agreeing to this form, you are agreeing to an NDA. You understand that you cannot share, copy, store or forward any information about the book without the express permission from the Author. You understand that Laurel Night holds the copyright to all content and that any breach of the above could result in legal action.
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