Research-based classes - Registration form
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This form is used to request an override to register for BIOL395 (Directed Study), BIOZ395 (Directed Study) BIOL492 (Independent Study), or BIOL495 (Research and Thesis).
Students must have secured a mentor with whom to study before submitting this request.

Before an override is granted your mentors approval of this request will be sought. Mentors can submit their approval by email to Dr. Sarah Golding

PLEASE NOTE: Research classes still count towards the 19 credit Fall/Spring max or 15 credit Summer Max.. If you register for more than 19 credits in one semester you will be required to file an overload request form.

The priority deadline by which to register for is May 1st for Summer and Fall registration and Dec 1st for Spring registration.
If you mentor has agreed to take you on and confirms that with Dr. Golding you WILL be granted the override. However, the overrides will not be granted until after Dec 1st or May 1st, please be patient. We can register students for these classes all the way through the add/drop period for the current semester.

If you have any questions regarding this form, mentor selection, or requirements for the successful completion of these classes please address your questions to Dr. Sarah Golding
Student First Name: *
Student Last Name: *
Student V-Number (MUST include the V): *
Student VCU email address: *
Major: *
Only Primary Major is needed
Semester *
ie: The semester in which you would like to register for research credit. Requests are processed for the upcoming registration session ie: Request in Fall for Spring registration, or request in Spring for Summer or Fall registration
Mentor First Name: *
Official mentor of record must be the Principle Investigator of the Laboratory (typically this is the person who's name is on the door of the lab)
Mentor Last Name: *
Mentor email address: *
Mentors Department: *
ie. Biology, or Pharmacology and Toxicology, or Physiology and Biophysics (pro-tip - its usually noted below their name in the their email signature)
Alternate Mentor Name
Research assistant, Post Doc, technician or graduate student you will actually be working under if applicable
Alternate Mentors email address:
Which Class are you registering for? *
How many credits hours would you like to register for? *
BIOL/Z395, 492 and 495 are variable credit. 1 credit hour = 3-4 hrs of lab work. BIOL492 and BIOL495 = 4 credits per semester MAX. BIOL/Z395 = 2 credit per semester MAX. Students need to take a minimum of 2 credit hours for this class to count as a lab. A maxmium of 6 credits of combined BIOL395/492/495 will be counted towards your Biology major. Any additional credits will be applied to your total upper level credits. Degree works uses the most recent credits first to calculate your major GPA.
Do you wish BIOL492, or 495 to count as your senior Capstone? *
Students using BIOL492 or 495 for their senior capstone must meet the following prerequisites: BIOL 300, BIOL 310, BIOL 317 and BIOL 318, each with a minimum grade of C; and 90 hours of undergraduate course work.                                     When overrides are issued for BIOL492 or 495 students using this class for their senior Capstone MUST actively register for 0 credit BIOL477 (Capstone Experience) in eservices in addition to BIOL492, or 495. BIOL492, and BIOL495 can count as your senior capstone and a lab requirement at the same time.
We're happy you are engaging in undergraduate research. Will this be your first experience?
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If you have had previous research experience please tell us about it.
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