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Peter wants to involve more Peorians, especially those who are disengaged from the political process, to take part in building a vision for the city that will make Peoria a place people are proud to be from and excited to move to.

I’m a millennial Peorian who believes City Hall can and should set an aspirational vision for a community rooted in equity, human rights, civic engagement, and sustainability. I’m a first-generation American whose parents struggled against and escaped an oppressive government in Poland and built a life for themselves in the Midwest. I’ve worked in the private and non-profit sectors, and in government, most recently as an Innovation Consultant in Peoria’s City Hall. I earned my masters degree studying human rights and fought for them when I worked for an advocacy organization that pursued criminal justice reform.

When I moved to Peoria, I met many people who were proud Peorians working hard to improve their community, but too many who had given up hope for the City. Many people I met have moved away, searching for opportunity elsewhere. I saw it wasn’t just those that I met, but that the City was shrinking in population, losing hundreds of people per year. Now, I want to fight for a vision for the City that will keep Peorians here and inspire pride in all of us.

I believe in immediate action to improve the lives of my neighbors, but I also know that the biggest change often comes by building a coalition over many years. I hope you'll consider working on this campaign!


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