Victoria Patient Participation Group (Enys Road and Green Street GP Surgeries) Questionnaire
The Surgery is giving particular emphasis to a review of how patients interact with the Surgery in anticipation of the eventual move to the new Clinic in Victoria Drive. The aim of this feedback questionnaire is to gather your views on the processes and procedures currently in place, which can be addressed now but, importantly, will also help to inform how the new Practice will operate.

Our questions do not cover difficulties arising from the physical structure and layout of the current surgery as these will not exist in the new premises.

Fair processing notice – How we use your personal information.
Our fair processing notice explains why the Surgery collects information about you and how that information may be used. Our fair processing notice can be found using the following link:
1.  How did you make your last appointment:
2. The Care Navigation process that seeks to ensure the right person is allocated to deal with your issue is now in operation. As a result Reception staff are authorised to ask you what you need an appointment for.
Were you asked for that information?
Were you happy to give that information?
If No, did you ask to speak to someone privately?
Were you satisfied with the type of appointment offered?
3. For your last appointment:
Nurse Practitioner
Health Care Assistant
Phlebotomist (takes blood)
Who was it with?
Were you seen on time?
10 Minutes
20 Minutes
30 Minutes
Over 30 Minutes
If No, please indicate how long you had to wait
4. In your last appointment with your GP:
Did you have more than one item to cover with your GP?
If Yes, did you attend your appointment with a written list?
Were you able to cover the list in the 10 minute slot allowed for each patient?
If No, were you advised to book another appointment?
5. Consultation
It Depends
Don't Know
Would you be happy to have a consultation with a GP over the phone?
6. Repeat Prescriptions
Do you order repeat prescriptions on line?
If Yes, is your order more often than not correct?
If Yes, is your order more often than not complete?
Not Applicable
Have you ever been notified when a request has not been authorised by a GP?
7. Communication:
Have you noticed the information now being displayed on the screens in each waiting area?
Do you access the surgery website?
If yes, how often?
Did you find what you were looking for?
To read the Newsletter
PPG Update
If yes, was that for:
Have you seen a copy of the Newsletter?
If yes,. did you receive a copy by email?
If no, do we have a copy of your email address?
If no to the question above, you can help by allowing us to communicate with you in more efficient and cost effective way by:
Inserting your Email here:
Your answer
Inserting your landline telephone number here:
Your answer
Inserting your mobile telephone number here:
Your answer
Typing your Name here:
Your answer
By giving us your email address and telephone number could you further indicate your approval and consent to receiving communications from the Practice covering:
Your personal healthcare
General information about the Practice including routine communication – such as the Newsletter
Recognising Ethnic Diversity
Information on ethnicity is important because of the need to take into account culture, religion and language in providing appropriate individual care, changing legislation, the importance of providing information on ethnicity for shared care including secondary care and the need to demonstrate non-discrimination and equal outcomes.
We would appreciate you completing the details below:
Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this form
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