Defcon Furs - Room block list
If you want to specify being in our party or quiet room blocks please fill out this form in addition to booking a room at with our group code DCFURS. Link below
Any questions can be sent to @dcfurs or @metavulp on twitter.


Our room blocks are open for DEF CON.
Then entire Alexis Park has been booked for Queercon, Defcon Furs and a few other fun groups!

Join in on the fun planned for the weekend of DEFCON August 8th - 11th.

- Rooms for around $100/night
- Shuttle to all DEF CON hotels
- Tracks / Parties / 3 Pools
- Access to DEF CON Furs chill-out suite at DEF CON Hotel
- Access to DEF CON Furs events at the Alexis Park
- Guaranteed spot in DEFCON Furs 2019 Badge pre-order queue.
- Probably more things as we continue planning.

Queercon is managing the reservations - but you can use our discount code to help support our events.

Book using our discount code so we get credit: "DCFURS" and you will get front of line dibs on the DEFCON Furs 2019 badge orders.


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